About Me 


I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach, it’s my passion to help people improve their health and mental wellbeing to feel healthier and happier in themselves. 

My journey to Nutritional Therapy was based on a light bulb moment of having a passion for good food, a background in health psychology and a personal history of chronic fatigue. It has made me more aware of the link not only between our physical health and what we eat, but also the ability of how food can alter our mood and how we feel.

I love working with clients to help them make better and more rewarding food choices that become part of their daily routine. I work in a unique way combining Nutritional Therapy with Health Coaching to ensure that my clients not only know what steps they need to take but how to put the steps in to practice


To Listen:

I will listen to your unique story and journey, for you are the most knowledgeable about how you feel. I will reflect on your individual history and the diet and lifestyle choices you have made along the way to create a personalised plan for you. 

To Empower:

As a nutritional therapist I want to ensure you understand the reasons behind the dietary and lifestyle changes you make and equip you with the right tools to bring about positive changes to your health and wellbeing.

To Motivate:

As a health coach I will guide, encourage and support you through your journey towards optimal health, creating a way of eating that is nourishing and sustainable. I will make good nutrition enjoyable and achievable.



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"Thanks for my awesome plan!! My first few weeks went really well. I felt lighter, less bloated and had more energy. The principles of how to eat well have stayed with me and I feel like I know what I need to do now to continue to make changes. I have eaten better breakfasts and when organised much better lunches and dinners. Thank you so much for all the advice and support. I would recommend Jenny to others wanting to make lifestyle changes!"

Sally, Wales


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