• jennykerridge

Spicy Carrot and Orange Juice

This is one of my go to juices in the summer that brightens up my day and gives me the boost I need. Its packed with nutrients including the warming spices of ginger and turmeric that bring lots of health benefits including their anti-inflammatory properties!


2 Oranges

3 Carrots

60g Pineapple

1 inch piece of ginger

1 inch piece of turmeric root

250ml coconut water


I make this juice with my Nutribullet and a Nut Milk Bag but you can also use a juicer if you have one.

Juice 2 oranges

Chop or grate 3 carrots Peel ginger and tumeric Chop pineapple into chunks removing the skin and core

Place all the ingredients into your blender until mixed

Then strain through a milk bag or equivalent

Return juice to blender and add in you coconut water

Blend and serve

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